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A high requirements, high standards and hardcore
A vanilla, survival, redstone Minecraft server
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About Us

Our Specialties

Join us, you'll get the unique experience

Creative Gameplay

Survival, redstone, and construction players gather together. No matter what gameplay you like, you can find things to create here.


Without disturbing the freedom of play, we have formulated a series of regulations to maintain the gaming experience of all players.

Experienced Management

This server gathers a group of server management who are responsible, enthusiastic and willing to help players. Most of them have extensive management experience. They will patiently listen to players' opinions and continue to improve to create a better gaming experience together.

High-quality player base

Each player will be evaluated before entering the server to ensure that every player will have a basic game knowledge. At the same time, we will also ensure the quality of each player and maintain the gaming experience for all players.

Stable, High-Performance Server

The server uses four virtualized cores in the Intel® Xeon® Gold 6246R high-performance processor, all-core 4.0GHz hyperthreading with 84GB of memory to ensures that all players can play games smoothly.

High-Speed Network

We do always our best to provide the fastest network for all players around the world collaborating with our networking partners.